"Problems become opportunities when the right people join together" - unknown

Becky A. Cole
Chief Capacity Builder

I love working with others to find ways to make a path to succeed in whatever "it" tends to be at the moment.

In the nonprofit sector, I have over 30 years of experience in things like grant writing, fund raising, event planning, volunteer management and recruitment, board training, workshops and much more.

In the for-profit sector, I have an equal amount of experience in  in things like process design, technical writing, risk management, taxes, and much more.

And, yes, I have a Minnesota insurance license for healthcare and Medicare.

Your business 

I work with small and large companies, small and large nonprofit organizations who are invested in the project.

I won't do things "to" you, but rather will work with you to ensure that whatever work I do is not only done right and done well, but also fits for your organization or business.

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